Spring Bottling Transport

The spring “Breza” Lisec is situated in the heart of the high and large massif of the Osogovo Mountains, where the skies and earth join and the clouds caress the mountain tops, in the middle of untouched nature. It is located at 1,497.5 meters above sea level, in an exceptionally clean environment.

The spring is said to have been known even among the ancient nations, back in the early days of Christianity, when the numerous ceramic water vessels found also date from. Namely, the legend tells a story of how the ancient miners quenched their thirst at this very spring while digging for gold and silver.

Despite the perfectly clean environment, all additional measures are undertaken at the site to prevent any pollution and impairment of the water quality.

Ladna is transported from the spring to the bottling plant via a completely closed system, fully protected against any external influence.

To obtain completely safe water of the highest quality, mechanic filtering and absolute 0.2-micron microbiological filtration is carried out at the bottling plant.

In this process, we use highly-sophisticated automated equipment and state-of-the-art software solutions ensuring complete control of the filtering process and the process of rinsing the filters themselves.

Ladna is bottled on automated conveyors, in the highest hygienic conditions, and in compliance with all good production practice rules.

The bottled water, ready for consumption, is distributed to sales points and catering facilities under strictly controlled conditions and with the company’s own fleet of vehicles.